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Facebook Marketing

Your customers are spending more time on Facebook with their smartphone. Start building online presence with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads has evolved and manage to help businesses reach out to very targeted audience on Facebook. You can target your audiences by locations, age & gender, languages, relationship status, parental status and interests. You can also set your own budget and time to post. This is what Facebook Marketing about- Flexible.

Instagram Marketing

Wanna market your brand or products through Instagram? No problems! Wonder how much impact that Instagram can make? Instagram is a social media network that have more than 1billion users every month and 71% of the users are under 35years old. Thus, Instagram is an alternative platform for you to promote your brand and products because they have the people to target and sell. Just let us know your business objective and we’ll have the marketing plan specially made just for you!

Brand Awareness Marketing

Brand Awareness is customer use to recognize with a particular brand, logo or company itself. It’s important for start-up company or SME. When consumers are familiar with your brand, they will more likely favorable towards your products. You can’t rely on offline marketing to help increase your brand awareness. Therefore, with our help in online marketing, we can start creating online presence for your brands.

E-Commerce Management

A high demand of sales channel for online presence. We manage online store in eCommerce platform (e.g Shopee, Lazada). By maintaining the quality of eCommerce store, shop operation activities, advertising and e-campaign to achieve desirable and measurable results.

Google Search Marketing (SEM & SEO)

Have you wondered how to get your company website to 1st page on Google? With our expertise, we can make it a reality for you. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we can make your brand, products to be prominently visible whenever your potential customer search on Google. We provide you with marketing strategy, SEO keyword research, landing pages optimization and quality with one ultimate goals- To drive and boost organic traffics and your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing focused on creating valuable, relevant, interesting and up-to-date content to attract and maintain relationships with audiences and, of course, to drive customer action towards your products. Research shows that content marketing able to gain more engagements with customers and drive sales. Our SP Digital Plus team providing relevant and useful content in each and every of our content strategy to your prospects and customers.

Graphic Design Service

A good design speaks for your brand. Use visual to portrait your business’ professionalism. Boost your brand identity and maintain the consistency to let audience impress and think of you.

Web Design & Website Development

A portal that being the online version of your retail store. Make your info accessible to the public when they search for you. From the services offered, products available, contact information, till your own web store that can check out with payment gateway. Let your business works 24/7.

Video Production

Video is popular way of branding and product demonstration purpose. With the audio and visual, it can showcase the function, instruction and outcome of using the product, in order to increase the desire of buying.

Live Stream Services

Trending sales channel to reach potential audiences using live selling. Interactive and highly engaging way to introduce product and services with real demonstration and explanation. A professional live streaming includes background setup, lighting, music, materials, etc.

KOL & Influencer Marketing

Reach out to your target audience with influencers and KOLs to promote your products and services. Through the endorsement, it is able to increase brand awareness and boost up credibility.

What We Do

Help SMEs to transform and digitalize traditional business by providing customised solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand awareness, engage with your customer online.

E-Commerce Management

Achieve visible and measurable results for your online store.

Website Creation

Showcase everything about your business and automate your business.

Graphic Design

Boost your brand identity and maintain the consistency.

Live Stream Services

Stand out in the market with the latest trend of selling. We settle the A to Z of live streaming for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Engage influencers and KOLs to increase brand awareness among your target audience with products or services endorsement.

Video Production

Video shooting and editing to tell your brand story and sell your product.


Use Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization to let your potential customer discover you and approach you from online.


Maximize your online presence to reach out your online customer by image, animation & videos.

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