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LIVE your business

Live streaming is the way to approach to your target audience when you are not able to reach customers physically. It is popular for huge events or sales streaming session for virtual conferences, seminars, product launches, weddings. A professional live streaming includes the streamer, background setting, equipment setup, lighting, sound effects, music, props, materials, talents, manpower arrangement, etc.

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Reach potential buyer

Sales Streaming is the most trending sales channel to reach potential audiences using live selling. It is an interactive and highly engaging way to introduce product and services with real demonstration and explanation. Plan strategically on live streaming marketing – before, during and after the live stream. Execute the live session effectively enable a positive return in terms of branding, engagement and business growth.

Brings higher traffic and conversion

Live streaming allows businesses to connect with audiences worldwide, out of the frame of time and location border. Even without having a physical store, anyone has the opportunity to sell through live streaming. A quality live session for business can increase brand awareness, generate maximum conversion, within the shortest time frame at no advertising campaign budget needed.

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At SP Digital Plus, we provide solutions and plan for your Live events to drive high traffic volume and achieve sales conversion. Engage us for professional live streaming services if you need to organise a live stream session for your event, we are specialized to stream via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, OBS, StreamYard, etc.


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