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Reach potential audiences

KOL and Influencer marketing are one of the high demand services often used by company to reach their target audience. It is impactful for increasing brand awareness and drive traffic to visit an e-commerce store.

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Credibility and Influential

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is someone who having strong social status and a clear positioning. They are highly trusted within the influencer industry because of their areas of expertise and able to reach out to the most relevant audience to convert maximum results and return.

Popular and Engaging

Meanwhile, influencers (Mega / Macro / Micro / Nano-influencer) are differentiating between their number of followers. They gained popularity through the created content on social media platforms. Beside followers’ number on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the engagement rate and personal unique style of is also being taken into consideration while approaching a KOL or influencer.

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Various ways to connect with the market

Instead of using advertisement or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), KOL & influencers help to connect brands with the audience who are more likely to make a purchase of the product or services. Most common ways of using a KOL & influencer marketing are through brand endorsement and product review, either sponsored or paid. It works because the KOL & influencer building trust and credibility with their followers, or even through word of mouth. The brand or product can be viral through social networks and gain significant achievement when do it in a right way.

Execute with strategies

The process of sourcing a suitable candidate of KOL or influencer can be time-consuming and complicated. You might also need to plan for marketing campaigns and marketing strategy, to the whole customer journey in online platforms too, to ensure the marketing process runs smooth. Engage SP Digital Plus as your preferred KOL marketing & influencer marketing agency if you would want to save that extra time and effort.

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