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Engage and Convert with Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a photo and video sharing channels mainly focusing on presenting visual in a lifestyle and interactive way. The platform has high popularity among millennials and being used by brands to connect with target audiences. It is the most popular sales channels and branding for businesses. There are plenty of features such as Instagram Feed, Stories, IG Shop, IGTV, and Instagram Ads to cater different needs for businesses to reach the target market, increase brand engagement and make a return for profitable sales.

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Every way to suit business needs

With Instagram Marketing, brands can create both organic content and ad campaign. A business account on Instagram can provide businesses the insights and analyse on the results of doing marketing activities on Instagram. Profile visits, reach, impressions, number of followers gained, origin of followers whether from hashtag, homepage, or other, can be analysed to improve the future move.

Encourage audience action

Instagram ads can be presented in multiple types includes stories ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, Explore ads, where businesses seamlessly fulfil the marketing needs with all the solutions that unlocking achievements. More than 80% of the users take action when they came across a business post and are more likely to support a small business. It could be doing further research about the products for more details, share it to friends, or directly make a purchase or booking.

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Let customers be with you

Witness an increment of engagement rate, understanding of target audiences, and build strong rapport, by using Instagram features. Insert voting polls, IG filter, ask a question to followers in Stories posting make audiences feel they are part of the business while interacting with brands. Besides, also provide useful content your audiences might interested in it and entertaining media that captures the audience’s attention from the busy sphere.

Strategically unlock business achievement

Instagram Ads are generally used by businesses to potential customers and deliver desirable results. Finding the most suitable format that suit business needs is extremely important. Know the objectives, develop a strategic planning and analyse expected outcome to produce an Instagram ad campaign. Whether to accomplish the goal of widening brand awareness, high impressive of consideration, web traffic, sales conversion or mobile app download, we utilize the mechanism and analytics tools to bring positive business growth. Start boosting your brand’s reputation with our creative and professional Instagram Marketing.

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