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Boost a Sales Hike with Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great channel for businesses starting on their digital marketing journey. It is equipped with free tools to allow its users or businesses to utilize it for their business needs such as Audience Insights, Analytics, Business Manager, Facebook Pixel, Retargeting, Live Streaming, E-shop, Messenger, Booking System, Offer Coupons and many more. Not forgetting Facebook Ads Manager that gives a change to online advertising world.

Organizations are encouraged to utilize Facebook Marketing to achieve desirable results on business growth. Audience Insight, also known as the database on Facebook, has every info that free to use by any user to perform a quick audience research prior doing any Facebook Ad campaign.

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Engage and provide values to your market

Most businesses have a business page. It is a good channel to increase brand engagement with target audiences. Aside from product listing, Facebook posting could share images, videos, live streams, links, articles to provide useful yet entertaining content to the audience, as long as it is relevant to your business nature or something catch your audience attention.

In between Facebook news feed, there is “Sponsored” post. This is where Facebook Advertisement takes place. Setting up an advertising campaign using Facebook is a straightforward way to connect with consumers to promote their product or services, as an alternative to traditional advertising in the printed newspaper, magazine, television, radio or out-of-home media.

Refine, Specific and Flexible

Facebook ads also help to refine audience targeting based on demographics (age, gender, location, educational level, relationship status, etc.) as well as the psychographics (interests, behaviours, hobbies) even though it is a niche market. It is also flexible for advertisers make ad placement on Instagram or to connect buyers on WhatsApp. With the tracking and data analysis, retargeting someone who previously taken an action on a business page or ads made possible with Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience with an advanced setting.

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Fulfil Every Needs of Business

By using the Facebook Ads Manager, several objectives are applicable for different advertising needs. For branding purpose using Facebook ads, select Brand Awareness, Reach or Engagement to increase brand exposure among the target audience market. For sales conversion ad, there are options such as Messages, Conversion, Traffic to e-commerce stores, landing page or mobile app, etc. For getting new customers, use Lead Generation to gain potential audience contact list. It is flexible according to business needs and purposes.

Trending sales streaming on Facebook Live also allow businesses to sell and demonstrate their products or services through live stream anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of offline store operating hours or location. Live streamer can have a real-time interaction and engage with the audiences.

Planning an effective marketing strategy for Facebook Marketing is essential for a business to boost a hike on ROI and brand image. Managing and optimizing social media performance requires extra efforts and experiences, our professional team at SP Digital Plus are dedicated to help businesses in their transformation path.


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