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Make your products accessible in the marketplace

E-commerce is a high demand sales channel in the process of buying and selling online. It is a tool to reach and convert potential buyers with minimum effort. The common e-commerce marketplace includes Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, Shopify and more. The online shopping platform usually consists of the useful features for both business and customers includes inventory management, shopping cart, product listing, order management, payment gateway, tracking system, live chat function, vouchers & coupons, rewards and most important – exclusive deals & promotions.

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Maximize sales and store traffic

Our services of managing an online store in e-commerce platform help businesses to achieve a measurable result in the online store. We execute integrated marketing strategy that tailored according business needs to drive traffic to e-commerce store to generate the maximum sales conversion and increase brand awareness. Apart from just putting product on an e-commerce platform, it is essential for businesses to keep an eye on product keyword, making sure the product details are sufficient for customer to make a decision, and also apply sales techniques like cross-selling, up-selling.

Maintenance to ensure consistent traffic

By maintaining the quality of an e-commerce store to ensure consistent traffic and orders, we take care of day-to-day shop operation, maintenance, product listing, e-commerce marketing campaigns and advertising (e.g.: Shopee Ads). Moreover, the optimization of product keyword and images, platform campaign nomination, creation of discounts, bundle deals, add-on, and free gift also make the e-commerce store get the highest brand exposure to drive new customers for making purchases.

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Manage e-commerce with ideas

With our team of e-commerce specialist, we manage e-commerce platform, meanwhile, plan strategies and campaigns for business to achieve a favourable outcome. Go through the business insights to analyse customer behaviour, pricing, customer preference, and everything your business should pay attention. You can save on staffing and operating costs, while achieving business growth.


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